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Many brides these days are concerned with doing their part for planet Earth, and this rightfully includes limiting food waste at their wedding.  There are a few things you can do to minimize such waste—read on….

First of all, an accurate guest count is a must, so make sure all your guests RSVP, and if children are allowed, a correct count of the youngsters is necessary as well.  Most kids won’t eat what the adults will have, and a good caterer will be happy to provide children’s meals.

Secondly, if you’re planning on having a plated meal, provide options that are generally crowd pleasers.  Salmon, for example, is not generally well liked by everyone, whereas a milder fish like haddock normally is.  If you choose to dress it up a bit with say, a lobster sauce, serve it on the side family style.

And finally, hire a caterer who hates wedding food waste, too!  An experienced catering company, like Liberty Lane Catering, knows the formulas to determine correct portions for your number of wedding guests, and can walk the fine line between having plenty of food for everyone and curtailing waste.


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